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Start Here: Midwest Areas Perfect for Learning to Ski and Snowboard
Rollie Westman started teaching people to ski a full half-century ago because "gliding down a ski slope made me feel like a bird flying and I wanted other people to have that feeling." Tens of thousands of ski lessons and 51 years later, Westman is just as passionate. The 75-year-old's official title is Director of Skiing Services at Wisconsin's Trollhaugen Ski Area, but his nametag says it all: "Director of Fun."

That fun, says Westman, all starts with a lesson at Trollhaugen or one of more than 100 Midwest ski areas that are ideal for first-timers. They are close to home, have trained instructors and offer affordable learn-to programs that will start children and adults on a lifetime of adventure. "It's better to take a lesson to begin with and get the right start and not develop bad habits," says Westman. "If you learn from a friend, you get bad habits and then people come to us and we have to fix the bad habits."

Kathy Scholfield, of Michigan's Apple Mountain, agrees. "If you learn how to ski or snowboard right, you're going to enjoy it so much more because you have that good foundation. We are a hometown hill with a nice, controlled learning environment."

When it comes to learning how to ski or snowboard, smaller is better, and not just the length of your skis or board. "People like learning on a smaller hill where they can see the bottom," says instructor Kevin Dement, who has helped teach more than 10,000 novices at Sundown ski area near Dubuque, Iowa. "When you're out West, you can't see the bottom of the hill and that puts a lot of fear in peoples' heads. In the Midwest, you don't have to worry about that."

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