PEP Grant Deadline March 24
Skate in School
March 24 is Deadline for PEP Grants; Apply Now for Funds

The deadline is March 24 to apply for $76 million in 2008 Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grants. These federal grants support initiating, expanding and improving physical education programs (including after-school programs) by providing funds for training of teachers and the purchase of equipment. For complete information on PEP Grants, including downloadable application forms, go here.

Skate in School, the innovative in-line skating program developed by Rollerblade and NASPE, is a perfect fit for PEP Grants. Skate in School is in more than 1,000 schools nationwide and PEP Grants have helped fund Skate in School in more than 250 schools, including for individual schools and district-wide. For complete information on how you can use PEP Grants to fund a Skate in School program, go here. The program, which meets Healthy People 2010 goals and National PE Standards, includes:

> Rollerblade skates and protective gear, which you purchase at a special price.
> Developmentally appropriate lesson plans and instructional video.
> Optional in-service instruction and storage carts.

Skate in School Representatives Visit Capitol Hill; Lobby for PEP Funds
Skate in School reps lobby Congress for PEP funds Four representatives of the Skate in School program visited Washington, D.C., on March 12 to lobby members of Congress for continued funding for PEP Grants as part of the annual "Health through Fitness Day." Program co-directors Margot Willett and Reade Bailey, Rollerblade marketing director Kalinda Bogue and Rollerblade co-president Stephen Charrier joined more than 80 other PE teachers, sporting goods officials and celebrity athletes (including Clyde Drexler, Herschel Walker, Steve Garvey, Kellen Winslow, Julie Foudy and Dominique Dawes) for meetings on Capitol Hill with members of Congress and their staffs. Although the PEP Grant program has been a clear success, with more than $400 million in grants awarded to more than 900 school districts nationwide since 2001, it remains in jeopardy of being eliminated for 2009. YOU can contact your own members of Congress here and urge them to include $100 million in PEP Grant funds for 2009.

It's Easy to Write PEP Grants for Skate in School
Eligible applicants for PEP Grants include local educational agencies and community-based organizations. Schools and community-based organizations with current and active PEP Grants are not eligible to apply for a PEP Grant in fiscal year 2008. First-time applicants will receive an additional five points in the application process. You can also contact Dana Carr at the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools for more info. She can be reached at (202) 708-5939 or by e-mail.

More than 250 schools have used PEP funds for their Skate in School program, and you can too. We'll help you with:

> Fitness data on in-line skating.
> Quantities, pricing and sizing.
> Equipment storage.
> In-service teacher training.

For general information on Skate in School and in-line skating, call us at 1-888-758-4386, or visit our web site at for answers to your FAQ, streaming video, fitness benefits and order forms. For specific info on including Skate in School in your PEP Grant application, call us at the same number or go here for details on quantities, pricing, sizing, storage and teacher in-service.

Good luck on applying for a PEP Grant. We hope you will use it to start your students rolling on a lifetime of fitness and fun. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you!
Reade Bailey
Bob Miller
Margot Willett

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